Welcome to the Amgen Cycling Club!

Thank you for taking the time to apply for club membership. Amgen Cycling is a global club of over 650 cyclists throughout the United States and Europe. Amgen Cycling Club exists primarily for Amgen full-time employees, however is open to the general public on a limited basis*.

To apply for club membership, please proceed with the membership process below. This process will include:

Step 1: Membership application

Amgen full-time employees will automatically be accepted into the club without further review. Non-Amgen employee applications will be reviewed weekly. Each applicant will receive a reply electronically.

Step 2: Dues payment

Each new member will be required to pay the annual dues. Please note that accepted members are entitled to a free short-sleeve jersey as part of their membership (subject to availability). Memberships expire at the end of the calendar year and no 'prorating' of memberships will be made for part-year members.

Step 3: Release of liability and Code of Conduct

Upon review and acceptance into the club, you will also be asked to comply/sign the following documents: Amgen's club waiver and Amgen Cycling Code of Conduct. All members are required to acknowledge the club rules and must sign/forward these documents in order for their club membership can be considered final.

The 2015 membership renewal window closes on August 2, 2015!!!


* Amgen Cycling Club reserves the right to deny membership to any individuals as they see fit. Amgen Cycling exists primarily for Amgen full time employees, however is open to outside individuals; membership limitations do apply at each chapter. Amgen Cycling maintains an 80/20 split on Amgen/Non Amgen club membership. Non-Amgen Inc applicants will be determined by the current ratio of club membership at the time of application submission.