Bike to Work Program

Stuck in traffic and you only live 5 miles away? Can't find a parking spot and then you have to walk forever across the sea of cars? Well, we have two solutions for you:

  1. Get to work at 6:30 am
  1. Ride your bike to work.

In its continuing efforts to promote fitness, healthy living and environmental sensitivity through cycling ambassadorship, the Amgen Cycling Club is rolling out a Bike to Work program for ACC members. As always, we encourage your participation, questions and feedback.

As you know, biking to work has numerous rewards for your health and the health of your bank account.

  • $4.65* savings per gallon of gas per day
  • Time spent driving is now spent training, leaving more time for you to spend with family, friends or pursuing another hobby
  • Increased energy level at work due to the morning exercise
  • Positive feeling about using less natural resources
  • The smile on your face as you ride by cars stuck in traffic

* Will fluctuate, mostly up.


External Resources

Have a link to a bike commuting resource website? Email Kelly Macone.