About Us

Amgen Cycling is currently one of the largest cycling clubs in California as well as one of the largest cycling clubs in the United States. Within the last few years, Amgen Cycling has expanded to include chapters in Colorado, Rhode Island, Washington State, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, Europe and Australia.

Amgen Cycling exists primarily on two levels, a recreational club and a racing team. The club participates in all styles of bicycle sport, including road, mountain, track, and cyclocross. Our goal is to provide club members with an opportunity to increase their cycling knowledge, skill and overall fitness, in an effort that we may all compete intensely and win - in life.

The future continues to look great for Amgen Cycling. We are amazed at the non-stop, continued growth of our club and your possible involvement. Amgen Cycling has made incredible progress during its' first five years of existence. Listed below are some of our goals for the 2009 calendar year:

  • Increase awareness through community outreach in each of our communities, in an effort to collaborate, communicate and participate collectively in fundraising events. We'll continue to focus on three main causes: Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer Initiative; ADA's Tour de Cure; and the Arthritis Foundation's Amgen California Coast Classic)
  • Work to increase the club organizational capabilities not only in Southern California, but throughout our various chapters around the globe.
  • Form and participate in Amgen Cycling events to promote fitness and help raise money for charities; the club supports cycling events in our communities and will continue to promote cycling events that can focus on health/fitness and charity fundraising.
  • Support our active club sponsors, who help support our club; the club will be establishing multiple efforts to show its' appreciation to its sponsors. It truly is simple - we succeed because of our sponsors.

Member Requirements
Membership is open to any individual that can meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Proper bike equipment - members must be responsible for their own equipment. This includes, spare tubes, air, and all other emergency accessories that may be needed during a club ride. Each member IS required to wear a helmet.
  • Proper bike etiquette - members must be responsible for their own actions on a bicycle and on the road. Each cyclist should understand what they can/cannot do on a bicycle, as well as what the rules of the road are.
  • Ethics - members of the club (wearing the Amgen logo) are ambassadors of Amgen Inc. Bottom line - wear your club colors proud, represent us in a professional manner and you will be treated as royalty. Failure to act in a professional/respectable fashion will result in immediate removal from the club. Please refer to the Amgen Cycling Code of Conduct.

Amgen Cycling Club Facts

  • Club formally started in January 2001 with about 50 members in California
  • Filed as a non-profit organization in 2001
  • Membership of over 800 cyclists in California, Colorado, Washington, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, Australia and selected European communities
  • Established a network for cyclists/professionals to participate in group rides
  • Established our external website; www.velogen.org
  • Yearly fund-raising events (California only):
    • Annual - Breakaway from Cancer Initiative
    • Annual - ADA Tri-City Tour de Cure
    • Annual - Amgen CA Coast Classic to benefit The Arthritis Foundation
    • Miscellaneous cycling related donations each year to various groups 2004 - donation to Encino Velodrome to pay for 4 new track bikes
    • Countless other rides/fund-raising events, resulting in thousands of dollars raised, while participating in the sport we love; the club is currently in the process of tracking our community outreach efforts to provide metrics around all of our donations/fund raising activities